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Michelle LeMay

CCO | Co-Founder
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500hr E-RYT Yoga Alliance Certified | Fitness Expert | Cardio Dance Pioneer

Michelle embodies everything and anything that defines a wise, dynamic Guru where Yoga, Fitness, Dance, Creativity & Inspiration come together as a singularity.
Luis Rosario| CEO & Co-Founder

Michelle brings over 30 years of experience in the Health, Fitness, Dance and Production Industries.

An Inspirational Leader … Michelle brings great management, training and team building skills to Groove Temple.  Leading by example and with deep passion for health, she was Regional Fitness Director for American Fitness Centers and Mademoiselle Spas, training all employees in fitness and sales, helping them grow to over 50 locations.  

A Creative Intuitive, Michelle is known for being a trendsetter.  She pioneered the “cardio dance” movement in the 80’s and the “softer forms of exercise” movement  in the 90’s.  These types of classes are now alive and plentiful in all gyms and studios across the world. She also designed and developed video and TV programming for Fitness Icons Jane  Fonda and Cory Everson.  She brings this intuitive wisdom to Groove Temple Programming, along with a deep reservoir of contacts in  the industry.  

A Healthy Body, Mind and Soul is the Perfect Vehicle for the Optimal Human Experience

A Champion of Healthy Lifestyle, Michelle was National Aerobics Champion, as well as, National Spokesperson for NIKE, RYKA, GOLDS GYM, Country Life and Power Bar.  Representing these Brands, she traveled the world spreading her unique spin on Health, Fitness, Yoga and Dance educating instructors and consumers alike.   

Michelle’s wide variety of experience in the realm of TV/Video Production, is instrumental  on the production side of Groove Temple TV.  As a Reporter and Producer for CBS, ESPN, ESPN II and FOX Sports, Michelle produced hundreds of stories and shows from start to finish.  As a Choreographer, she Auditioned, Casted, Choreographed and Directed several Fitness & Dance Videos and TV Shows.  As an Expert, Michelle has been an educator and host for thousands of Seminars, Videos and TV Shows.

A humble, yet strong and inspirational Leader, Michelle Knows how to get the best out of people.  Groove Temple Programming is modeled after Michelle’s Creative Healthy Lifestyle.  She has invested the last 8 years of her life into the research & development of this impactful company.  She is ready to Inspire the World thru the power of Yoga, Dance, Fitness, Music, Meditation, Healthy Lifestyle and Technology NOW!

Michelle As A Master Instructor

Michelle has been teaching movement for over 30 years, traveling to more than 2 dozens countries teaching instructor and consumer workshops and classes in Dance, Fitness and Yoga. Her keen kinesthetic awareness, strong anatomy background, creative choreography and awesome energy have been driving forces in her popularity around the world, as she has spread her techniques to thousands of instructors.

Her classes are an inspirational experience as her students learn how to connect with the most powerful aspects of themselves and positively transform their state of being.

She is very present with her students and lets intuition be her guide. She is excellent at teaching people how to connect even deeper and create a great relationship with their mind, body and soul. Her style is open, joyful and playful, as she creates space for her students to honor wherever they are in each moment.

Michelle LeMay | Groove360 Inc.