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Joey Mendelsohn

VP Of Sales & Marketing
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Joey Mendelsohn is a native of Los Angeles and has always loved the Southern California Coastline with the healthy lifestyle it represents. He is a passionate and honest ecopreneur with a strong drive for social change, healthy living and environmental solutions.

Small daily eco-minded and healthy lifestyle actions add up to a whole lot of good

He is a sales guru, business strategist, creative marketeer and party activator. Sales And Marketing Natural …

Joey​ brings marketing vision, sales management and business development knowledge to the Groove Temple team. After receiving his communications degree from the University of Arizona, he spent 14 years in sales and marketing roles within the radio and printing industries. Consulting with clients such as Sony Pictures, Hain-Celestial, USTA and 20th Century Fox, he developed strong relationships and loyal customers over a long timeframe. An EcoPreneur …

In​ 2007, Joey founded EcoUsable® with a dream and a clear vision to make the world a better place by improving the environment through the grassroots marketing of eco-friendly products. His extensive market research exposed the plastic water bottle crisis and led to the EcoUsable® stainless​ steel water bottle. After pioneering the world’s 1​ st FILTERED stainless steel water bottle, he was honored as “Environmental Entrepreneur of The Year for 2008” by the Bank of Manhattan Beach, Ca. During this time he developed sales and strategic partnerships with companies including NBCUniversal, Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Jack Johnson and Kokua Hawaii Foundation. In 2014, EcoSuperHero became his next vision and the evolution of sustainability for the health and well being of Planet Earth. The introduction of the EcoSuperHero Survival Kit, an all-in-one kit of eco-tools, made it convenient to AdoptReUsables on-the-go and live Plastic Free. He then furthered his passion in working with other conscious brands while delivering sales and marketing opportunities to Hain Celestial, Seventh Generation, Thrive Market, MegaFoods, Ecover and Earth Friendly Products. A Steward Of The Environment … ​Joey continues to be optimistic about the welfare of our Planet and its inhabitants. He believes in the unstoppable growth of the Wellness industry and continues to be a permanent presence at these events. He enjoys dancing, a plant-based lifestyle and picking up trash along the beaches of L.A.

Joey Mendelsohn | Groove360 Inc.