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Groove360 Wellness Solutions

provides cutting edge creative programming
that integrates Yoga, Fitness, Dance, Meditation & Events into any workplace
and/or community. Our programming can be delivered onsite and/or online
through our live streaming web app - GrooveStream Studio.

Groove360 Wellness Solutions
goes way beyond good health ...

Our unique approach creates more positive environments.
It boosts energy so people thrive 100% of the time.
It’s all about building your community & promoting happiness.
It increases collective productivity.

Groove360 Wellness creates harmony in all spaces.
It’s FUN result driven activities for your people.

Holistic Approach

Groove360 Wellness goes much more than skin deep,
creating healthy change on a cellular level.

We take a 360° multi-faceted approach to optimize health seamlessly.

Create Healthy People

We combine our 30 years of experience with the most current research
to deliver one of a kind programming. We leverage technology
promoting optimal health.

Achieve Greater Comradery

People who exercise, meditate and motivate together
uplift and support each other ...

Greater Harmony

People naturally slide into greater harmony individually and together,
as they become more present and connected.


Consistency is key! We are here to support your efforts
to create a healthy and regular routine.
Between our onsite and online offerings, we’ve got you covered.


Optimize the Health of your company both individually and collectively.
Our Corporate Wellness Program boosts the mood and wellness
of each individual, while enhancing comradery.
This produces greater energy and a more positive environment.

Synchronize your team with your purpose, vision and core values.
Our Corporate Wellness Program can be custom designed
to connect your team with what matters most in your company.
This creates a sense of harmony within your organization
and even more clear focus and direction towards desired results.

Monetize your bottom line with greater energy pointed in the right direction. Our Corporate Wellness Program is engineered for results, increasing Happiness, Harmony and Productivity within Teams and Individuals.
This Healthy Harmonious workplace gives birth to staff sustainability and overall peak performance.

Overall Group and Company Benefits:

  • ROI: Medical costs fall about $3.27 for every dollar spent
  • Lower health care and disability costs
  • Less stressful environment
  • More positive environment
  • More harmony among employees and enhanced employee productivity
  • Higher energy and happier environment
  • Reduce Absenteeism: absentee day costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent
  • Improved support, compassion and understanding
  • Improved employee recruitment and retention
  • Some Insurance Companies will subsidize Healthy Lifestyle programs


Create a vibrant flow in your collaborative melting pot of exciting cliental. Providing the right touch to any shared workspace is crucial for business growth and client retention. Groove360 Wellness is a way to integrate just the right stuff to energize your business. Happy clients, happy business!


It’s no brainer to think … “Happy Tenants, Happy Residence!”
Incentivizing your community through Wellness provides an amazing benefit and creates a harmonious vibe. We also understand the challenges to organizing such programming into the day to day. Groove360 Wellness provides you with the ease of creating classes and or events. Engage your community and create a happier home for your tenants.

Onsite & Online Integration

We provide services either online, onsite or both providing targeted solutions to fit your specific goals.

100% Modular - Choose Your Elements

Choose from a variety of fun and interactive solutions.

Yoga, Dance, Fitness & Meditation Classes

Powerful custom engineered classes designed to produce positive results while creating better balance in your environment.

Streaming Live Classes

We deliver classes in real time using the latest in video streaming technology. Our classes broadcast live on a predetermined class schedule.

GrooveStream Studio Web App

Easy access to lots of FUN classes with flexibility to do at work, at home or on-the-go keeping ensuring accountability every step of the way.

Stress Reducing Meditation Workshops

Collectively optimize the neuroplasticity of the brain, and experience greater focus, clarity and creativity.

Integrated Yoga, Dance, & Music Events

We curate and deliver high quality Yoga, Music, Dance & Meditation events into fun impactful experiences designed to help reduce stress and increase moral.

Health & Nutrition Workshops

Choose from a variety of cutting edge and interactive educational workshops inspiring greater health and joy everyday.

100% Custom ... We adapt to you

Our services are customized to fit your specific goals.

You Belong Here!

We are here for you.


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